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Going Green for the Deep Blue this Labor Day Weekend


Labor day weekend is here, a great time to get out and enjoy our beautiful Lowcountry.  More people are out and about in the natural environment, with them comes an increase in litter.  Here are a few simple steps you can take to keep Mother Nature trash free this Labor day!

1. Leave no trace:  If you bring any food or drink items to the beach, be sure to pack it in and pack it out.  Bring a few extra bags with you for trash and recycling and simply dump them in the bins at the beach access areas.  Extra bags means you can also pick-up any trash left behind by other beach-goers.

photo 2

2. Carpool:  Grab a few friends and drive together to your destination, whether it be tubing down the amazing Edisto River, or heading downtown.  The more the merrier!

3. Use real  glasses, plates and silverware:  Instead of opting for plastic cups, plastic silverware and paper plates (many are coated in plastic and can't be recycled!) pull out your regular dishes and class-up that backyard BBQ! This means less trash at your get together, and your guests will think you are fancy, surely a win win! (Contact us if you would like to purchase one of our awesome reusable pint cups!


4. Serve green food: The Lowcountry is known for it's bountiful fresh seafood and farm fresh produce, food which is sure to make it to your plate at some point this weekend.  When it does, be sure that it's sustainable and local.  To see what is in season click here.  It's all about Fish for the Future!


5. Grill green: Use propane, natural gas, wood or natural charcoal to grill out this weekend.  Avoid non-natural charcoal and lighter fluid, the chemicals in those products are pollutants and may emit volatile organic compounds which can be dangerous to humans and the environment.

Most of all, have fun this Labor Day weekend and take in all that our lovely Lowcountry has to offer!