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Your voice is urgently needed to protect the South Carolina shoreline and the beaches you enjoy!

Two bills are currently being considered by the State House of Representatives that, if passed, would result in bad shoreline management practices and set a bad precedent for beach preservation in South Carolina.

Both S. 890 and H. 4603 contain language that would adjust current state laws (which preserve beaches by preventing coastal development close to eroding shorelines) in a way that would allow for one development--DeBordieu Colony--to rebuild a seawall instead of adhering to the existing policy.  Homeowners are asking the state to help them protect their investments, but their plea could change nearly three decades of established coastal law.

  • That law forbids new seawalls, hard structures that block public access and often make beach erosion worse.
  • This would set a dangerous precedent for other coastal development in the state.
  • If the law passes, we fear that more communities will seek seawalls, which are detrimental to the shoreline.

seawallCourtesy: USGS

Please take a minute to call or email your state representative and ask him or her to oppose these bills!  Folks can find the contact information by clicking this link

Call guide:

- Tell the person answering the phone that you are a constituent and would like to weigh-in with your opposition on two bills.

- Provide your name and address, if asked

- Let them know that you would appreciate the Representative's vote to OPPOSE S. 890 and H.4603 as currently amended.

- If you wish, although you will likely not be asked, you may express further viewpoints on these bills.  If you are asked to further express your viewpoint, you can simply state that both bills as currently amended would allow for a single development to skirt state law on shoreline armoring and that you don't believe this is good policy for the state, beach goers, or coastal economies.