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Charleston, SC Single-Use Plastics Reduction Ordinance

11 • 27 • 2018

Charleston, SC Single-Use Plastics Reduction Ordinance

Victory! Charleston, SC passes a strong ordinance to reduce single-use plastic waste

Last Tuesday, the Charleston city council voted to ban plastic bags, styrofoam, and plastic straws from Charleston businesses. The council voted 10-2 for the ban after hearing from over 60 citizens who spoke passionately on the harmful effects of these three items on the Charleston community. Our councilmen’s response will work to stop these common pollutants at the source and will have a huge effect on the health of our waterways in years to come.

The ban went into effect on the night of the council meeting (11/27/18), but there will be a year for the city and businesses to transition before the new law is enforced. The Charleston Chapter will be working diligently to help businesses make this transition as easily as possible so that January 1st, 2020 can be the official start of a healthier Charleston! 
This success has made Charleston the largest of 11 cities in South Carolina to pass such a ban and gives us another great reason to celebrate this holiday season! Thank you to each of you who helped make this success possible by collecting litter and impactful data, completing city surveys, and speaking directly to your councilmen!