Surfrider Foundation | Charleston Chapter

Volunteer Coordinator Billy Rivellini

Billy Rivellini | Volunteer Coordinator

  • Hometown: Great Falls, VA
  • Motivation to join Surfrider: I am an avid believer in “protect what you love”. After moving from Vermont, where I worked with local mountain biking and fly fishing organizations protecting the trails, land, rivers and streams in the Burlington area, I wanted to get involved with something similar here in Charleston. In the Lowcountry, the water plays such an integral role in everyday life that I want to do whatever I can to help protect it and Surfrider does some amazing work and is full of awesome people, how could I not join?
  • Day Job: Customer Success Manager at Blackbaud
  • Hobbies: Fly Fishing, Mountain Biking, Skiing, Camping, and Surfing
  • Favorite thing about the Lowcountry: There is an amazing sense of pride when people say they are from the Lowcountry. I think it’s amazing how that pride spreads into supporting local businesses and organizations (like Surfrider)…oh, and the food. Definitely the food.